Personnel rental

Personnel rental is a convenient way to keep the costs of employees under control.

With our help, you can quickly increase, change or decrease the number of employees. Every year, we offer work for hundreds of employees, many of whom have been with us since our company was founded. We can quickly find employees who are right for your organisation.

The service is especially favourable for you since we submit the invoice only for the actual working hours according to the previously agreed hourly rate and it already includes all of the obligations of the employer.

The minimum time for personnel rental is 4 hours. By renting personnel, you save time spent for recruiting: after 4 months of employment, the orderer can employ the employee at, especially favourable conditions.

Indisputable advantages of personnel rental

  • Quick and simple, you save money in several different work steps: no more job advertisements, job interviews, employment contracts, payment of salary and procurement of work equipment.
  • No more risks related to recruitment and you only pay for the actual working hours. No more costs related to payment of salary.
  • The right employees quickly. Our professional skills are the best in the field
  • Preparation of work schedule is easier because the employees are found quickly
  • You can focus on managing and give the organisation of the people over to us

Start coopering with us by renting personnel. Our purpose is long-term and trust-based cooperation with you.

Our purpose has always been the additional value the clients obtain from our services and their profitable business