Trade and service

Our clients are retail and wholesale companies, maintenance companies, technology stores, technical trade servicing the construction sector, events.

We rent and mediate personnel for each above mentioned sector. We participate in the development of service and personnel management and in the observation of cost-effectiveness just because of the personnel costs. We wish to improve the activity of our clients. Our purpose is to make the services flexible and easy to use by creating possibilities for our clients to conduct the entire personnel management outsourcing.

One and the same contact person always provides the service for the clients so that using our services would be carefree for you.

With our help, you will find employees for stores, salesmen, customer service attendants, event organisers, office workers and personnel managers.


In the logistics sector, we provide service for retail and wholesale companies, transport companies, central warehouses and industry that look for employees. We are competitive thanks to quick supply times, great employee reserve, understanding of logistics and specialised solutions.


Professional skills and personnel for industry.

We offer personnel for all industries. Over the years, the biggest employers have been shipyards, power stations, metal industry, food industry, electronics industry and paper industry. Our recruitment team has extensive experience in the field of industry which is why finding a professional is easy. We understand the quickly changing needs of the industry and react quickly to the needs related to resources. Several members of our team have undergone technical training and, if necessary, the specialists of the field who have installation experience and team leading experience will also participate in the recruitment.


We have long traditions in the field of construction. Every year, Aalto organises hundreds of construction specialists for the infrastructure, framework and finishing steps. In the construction sector, we are one of the biggest workforce rental companies in Finland. Most of the employees engaged in the construction field have been with us since the first years of the company, we know them through and through. The work is performed based on hours or production and we also participate in labour management and supervision according to the contract. All our employees have an occupational safety card, an identity document with a photo, security equipment, protection equipment and work equipment that are suitable for the job.

We have achieved a sustainable working relationship with our clients thanks to professionalism and the will to do things the right way. We have chosen only the best, hard-working and the most reliable specialists as our employees. By following this strategy, we always try to achieve the objectives set by the clients.

Building automation systems

Every year, we rent and recruit hundreds of employees for the field of building automation systems. With our help, you can quickly get electricians, installers of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning devices, installers of sprinklers, setters and repairers of automation. The price is set according to hourly rate and is always based on the experience and skills of the employee. Our purpose is to have satisfied clients and this can be achieved thanks to motivated employees. We are aware that our personnel is our greatest resource, we are the most wanted employer in the field of building automation systems.

We have specialised knowledge of industrial electricity works, sanitation works of buildings, automation, and installation of electric current.

All of our employees have contractual activity licences and they have undergone trainings. We will organise licences necessary in industrial companies and entrance permits ourselves for the client.

Personnel quickly for big supplies

In certain industrial sectors in Finland, it is very difficult to find employees quickly. That is why we have created an international recruitment network. We include professionals in the industry also from the Baltic States, Russia and Poland. Employment is entered into in Finland pursuant to Finnish laws and valid contracts.

Professional recruitment team

The recruitment consultants of the industry have a long-term experience in their field. Thanks to this experience, we have gained the trust of our clients for recruiting future officials. We recruit engineers (procurements, production), labour managers, executives and higher management for our clients.